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October 07, 2020


Mom always said to take your vitamins, and it turns out one of the best vitamins, not just for your overall health but specifically for stress, energy levels, and calm, clear skin is Vitamin B5! 

There are actually 8 types of Vitamin B, all of which are water soluble and help convert the food you eat into energy. They include;


B2 – Riboflavin

B3 – Niacin

B6 – Pyridoxine

B9 – Folate 

B12 – Cyanocobalamin

But the one we want to talk about is Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid. We call our Vitamin B5 Serum “The Calmer” for its ability to help soothe, calm and repair troubled skin. Why? 

B5 Helps You Keep Calm and Carry On

Vitamin B5 assists in the regulation of hormones that cause you to feel stressed and anxious. When we feel threatened, the body tells our adrenal glands to release stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, to prepare the body for emergency action. This is also called the fight or flight response. Channelling our stress can be positive, helping us to stay motivated, focused and alert, but if it continues over long periods of time, it can destroy our immune systems, as well as causing muscle tension, headaches and other health issues. The key is to channel that energy effectively! 

Vitamin B is involved in keeping the digestive tract healthy and making red blood cells. Eating foods rich in Vitamin B5, such as eggs, fish, sweet potatoes and broccoli, help to keep the immune system strong and effective at fighting diseases and infections in the body. This is why one of the top 3 benefits of Vitamin B5 is its wound healing abilities and ability to help maintain healthy skin, hair and eyes

Vitamin B5 works as a moisturizer and anti-inflammatory agent, reducing facial blemishes and enhancing the healing process of skin wounds.  

Top 3 Benefits of Vitamin B5 for your Skin

1. It is a Natural Moisturizer, Keeping your Face Hydrated 

Helps to stabilize your skin’s barrier function which increases the amount of water your skin holds on to. The stabilization results in an increase in the amount of water in your skin. Using a vitamin B5 serum helps bind water into your skin, especially if you suffer from dry or rough skin. 

2. Anti-Aging Product, Smoothing Fine Lines 

Sooths and softens skin, by plumping up the topmost layer of your skin to look fuller and less lined. 

3. It Helps with Chronic Skin Conditions, Enhancing the Healing Process 

The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of Vitamin B5 can help with scarring, wound healing, and skin conditions such as cystic acne, eczema, and rosacea. Studies have shown it to enhance the healing process of the skin, and reduce acne-related blemishes.