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October 07, 2020


How to give yourself a professional facial from the comfort of your own home! 

We get it, you’re probably sick of the words ‘from the comfort of your own home’. After months of social distancing most of us are dying for a night out, a coffee out, a great take-out, basically anything out! We’ve tried to do so, so many things at home to keep us occupied.    

But what if learning how to do some simple, effective facials at home might be one of the best cost-saving and productive skills you’ve learned during this whole lockdown thing? 

Bad nutrition, lack of sleep and poor skincare routines can leave our skin looking puffy, dull and spotty. All easy traps to fall into right now that could be overloading our lymph systems.  

One of the best aspects of a facial is the massage, or effleurage, a French word meaning ‘to touch lightly on’. This encourages relaxation and healing in the body by improving blood circulation and stimulating the lymph system to drain toxins. It also helps to firm and lift muscles on your face to keep everything vibrant. 

1st Step – Effleurage for 5-15 minutes

On freshly cleaned skin, take 1 teaspoon of a plant based oil, such as the omega-rich Argan Oil 100% Pure in the palm of your hands and apply all over your face and neck. 

  1. Start on the neck in downward circles and lightly pulse above the collarbone. 
  2. Trace your pointer finger across the jawline side to side 3x, then a pinching movement with thumbs under the jaw. 
  3. Using two fingers, the middle finger and ring finger, trace big circles on the chin, then glide up to under the cheekbones 3-5 x, then up to the temples. 
  4. With the same two fingers, smooth laugh lines on either side of the nose.  
  5. Trace small circles around the mouth. 
  6. Using flat hands, push up cheeks and hold.
  7. With same two fingers, lift and hold the brow, then circle around, then drain under the eyes and sweep out. 
  8. Zig zag hands back and forth on either side of crow’s feet. 
  9. Use circular motion around temples, circular motions up to centre of the top of the forehead, and then over top of the eyebrows, cupping across the forehead. 

While a facial massage can be done safely everyday, facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks, as well as allowing one week for the skin to optimize afterwards. 

    2nd Step – Stimulating and Preparing the Skin for Active Ingredient Mask 

    No matter what kind of results you are looking to achieve, whether it’s anti-aging, ultra hydrating, firming or exfoliating, the Micro Needle Dermaroller is a great at-home tool that effectively stimulates skin renewal by creating tiny channels in the skin with microscopic needles.

    1. Roll the dermaroller across the chin, up and down the neck, as well as the cheeks, and across the forehead 3x. 

    3rd Step – Applying the Active Ingredient Mask 

    Depending on which treatment you have chosen, there are many different products to apply, whether it’s a store-bought collagen mask, or a home-made one using popular ingredients, these could include avocado, sugar, honey, yogurt and cucumber. Timeless will be posting suggestions, so watch out for our upcoming #FacialFridays. 

    4th Step – Applying Serum and Moisturizer

    The final step is applying an active ingredient serum and then sealing with a moisturizer to help repair, protect and maintain the health and beauty of your skin for a more youthful, glowing appearance.